Friday, May 25, 2012


Its been a while since I've updated and a lot has happened since then. First of all Caleb turned two! About that same time he learned to say two and he holds up one finger on each hand. It's really cute. It's also his favorite number because if he gets two of something there is one for each hand :). Around his second birthday we did the milk food challenge and he was cleared from the milk allergy. This made the birthday great and we celebrated with pizza, cake, and ice cream. Also he had his cardiology appointment and everything looked great! There was no change in his pulmonary branch stenosis or his aortic root dilation. That's what we were hoping for. So he was cleared for another year. He will see his cardiologist again when he is three and they will try at that time to do an un sedated echo. Hopefully he will learn to hold still this year. As for therapy appointments his PT and OT are going great and we see progress every month. In my opinion these are more pro active therapies and I'm not really concerned at this point. Speech is also seeing a lot of progress. He is putting several words together for sentences and learning new words all the time. But he still drops the ending sounds off almost all his words which makes his speech difficult to understand for anyone who isn't with him all the time. So that's where our focus is right now. We have also added a monthly speech consult at the hospital to supplement the weekly speech appointment he has with Early Intervention. Another reason "Two" is a theme in our life now is we just had our second child! Abigail made her arrival a week early on 4/3. I went into labor on my own and it was all looking promising till I got to 9 cm and stalled for 3-4 hours. My doctors agreed I should have another c section at that point. I was disappointed, but at least it wasn't an emergency and we didn't have to run down to the OR like we did with Caleb. We couldn't be completely drama free though. Because of scar tissue from my first c section, my bladder had fused to my uterus. When the doctor moved my bladder out of the way, it got a small tear in it. This meant I had to wear a catheter for 10 days. The doctors said it would heal fine so it was more of a nuisance than anything. However, our baby girl was healthy and she got to stay with me and go home with me a few days later so we were very happy! Caleb is adjusting to sharing mom. He loves to hold Abby and is concerned when she cries. But he is also a little jealous. We are feeling very blessed as we settle in to being a family of four. Thanks for your prayers and support.

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