Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Heart Mom's Mom

Untill recently, I never thought about how hard it was on my mom when Caleb was born and in the hospital.  I heard her mention the other day that there was a time where all she could do for her daugher (me) was pray.  Then it hit me, while I was dealing with my baby being sick, she was dealing with her grandson being sick and her daughter being scared.  I'm sure she was scared for her grandson, but her heart also broke for her daughter. 

But of course she doesn't give herself enough credit.  She was there for me and prayed for me, but she has also done so much more.  After Caleb was transfered to Children's Hospital and my husband was with our son, my mom spent the night at the hospital for two nights with me.  Then after I was released but could not drive, she drove me back and forth from the hospital to see my son and took me home with her each evening.  She made sure I ate regular meals and took care of myself so I could take care of my baby when he came home.  She washed pump parts and bottles countless times.  Since there was a two visitor policy, she sat patiently in the waiting room while my husband and I hovered over my son's hospital bed.  When I needed a break, she gladly sat with her grandson.

After my son came home from the hospital, Mom would come over each day for a couple weeks to bring me food and help out where needed.  She drove us to several follow up appointments and gave me the moral support I needed to get through those first few weeks.  She encouraged me when breastfeeding seemed too difficult.  She kept me calm.

In the heart community there is much talk about Heart Mom's and Dad's and Heart Warriors.  All of them deserve the praise.  But I am starting to think some of the real hero's are the behind the scene grandparents.  As I learned to be a mom to my son, I am so grateful that I had my mother there to be a mom to me.

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